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Future of Tech: AR/VR
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Future of Tech: AR/VR


AR/VR conference

Virtual- and Augmented Reality has rapidly become a key technology in gaming. In every other industry, VR and AR are still unknown or considered to be in it’s infancy. This is about to change and we can expect to see new businesses being built around the technology and a majority of the existing ones will have to adapt and include VR/AR to be competitive.

Over the next year, both VR and AR applications will become increasingly sophisticated, as devices get more powerful and capable of creating higher quality visuals. As VR and AR both continue to prove their worth at reducing risk and cost associated with training, we will most probably see an increasingly rapid pace of adoption in industries involving work with expensive tools and equipment, or hazardous conditions the coming years.

During this half-day conference, we will educate, inspire, and serve you true stories in order to understand and explore the full potential, benefits and business value of VR and AR.

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